Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sedalia baseball history

During my first couple days of Summer break, my aunt and uncle and cousins came to Sedalia for a baseball tournament. They let me know what the kids game times were, and I made sure to attend a couple games. It was fun and nostalgic walking down Centennial Park, saying hi to friends, and watching my young cousin play. My uncle coaches, my aunt and her parents sat in the stands. The kids played in the creek and everybody screams when their are foul balls. I remember playing in the creek when i was little and a kid screamed bloody murder, and his knee was actually bleeding a bunch! I had been mesmerized by some rock or bug. His dad came running up and screamed at me, "What'd you do?????" I was shocked. The kid had been catching crawdads, which had bit him and made him bleed, and his dad blamed me? The girl sitting nearby? Haha. Parents can be crazy.

There were many adventures and odd happenings. I was impressed by the growth of little league baseball. My family had traveled from Lees Summit, and most teams were from out of town. The teams pay a hefty entrance fee, run immaculate concession stands, and buy the nicest uniforms. A lot more sophisticated than the local teams my brothers played.

The real neat part of the day, though, was when I went to my younger cousins game at Jimmie Vansell field. I remember the name Jimmie Vansell from a father and son that my dad and my brother played baseball with. I'm sure I had a crush on Jimmie Vansell Jr. My cousin was playing against Sedalia Bandits, and he had a great hit and run in the first inning. I was the only relative watching because his brothers game went into overtime. The Bandits coach told us about the high school baseball stadium, and how the WPA built it and it's only one of a few remaining, and how they might put matching green fence around the little field. I got much more nostalgic at this field watching my uncle show up, the Sedalia coaches cracking jokes and calling him the big boy. It was refreshing to watch how things had changed and stayed the same. The history of it all actually made me want to have a son and watch him play baseball and carry on the tradition. But naaaa, watching my Ragland cousins was good enough :) after Europe I plan to buy a nice reliable car and travel to many more games in Kansas City, and watch nieces and nephews as well.

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