Sunday, July 8, 2012

A day in London

A day in London

After our grueling road trip across the U.K., my dad and I checked into our hostel in London where we met up with my travel pal Kelly. We arrived at 11 pm. The hostel is the cutest building, narrow, white, three stories, with a downstairs bar and restaurant that played a lot of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I ordered a bloody Mary and chatted with Kelly before bed. When you stay in hostels, you store your belongings in a locker, sleep on bunk beds (this hostel had three decked beds), share coed rooms and a coed bathroom/shower. The two so far have been very nice, clean, safe, convenient, and London's is a great atmosphere. I definitely recommend hostels.

Kelly and I set out on our only full day together in London to watch the "Changing of the guards" at Buckingham Palace. The queen lives there. We were late and they only do it once per day, so we had to run full speed a few blocks. We arrived panting and sweaty, and laughing but just in time. The crowd that had already gathered must have been at least two thousand strong. The guards stand at attention in their fancy red uniforms and bear fur hats, some new guards march in on horseback and they have a group of soldiers playing band instruments. What was also very entertaining, during the ceremony traffic flows by, and we saw another wreck. A guy on a motorcycle and a car collided, he was able to hop right up but looked like he would be banged up under his leather jacket. The security made sure to move the wreck out of the way so the soldiers could still march through, the show must go on you know :)

I should describe the wreck that dad and I saw in southeast London the day before while driving. We were on wet pavement, a pretty road lined with trees and curvy, and came upon a fresh accident. It was an overturned car, wheels in the air, and two people still inside, strapped in upside down. Dad helped and they climbed out through broken glass windows. It was very shocking, and made me fear I would see something gruesome, but fortunately they were okay. We drove on to our castle.

The rest of the next day with Kelly was filled with walking thru sights, biking through Hyde Park, where we saw another wreck! This one two bicyclists were laying on the ground with injuries and bandages, and bleeding from the collision. After our bike ride we bought wine for a lovely friend that took us in for our first night and she met us for dinner, and always made sure we had easy travel in the city.

London was full of polite, friendly people. We were often asked if we were there for the Olympics. I'm glad I went, and very happy that none of the accidents involved us! Unfortunately my dad got sick this morning, a severe migraine, and had to miss our flight to Athens. Kelly and I pushed on to Athens and hope that dad can catch a flight the next day. He flies home from Athens back to Missouri, while Kelly and I begin our Greek Island adventure. Let the real party begin!

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