Thursday, July 5, 2012

Driving in London

Yesterday was the most stressful day I've experienced in a long time. I drove in London. Yes, I was sitting in the right side of the car, what would be the passenger seat in the states, but that's only the beginning. I was driving a manual, and shifting with my LEFT hand. And then the most challenging part of course, driving on the left side of the road, in tons of traffic, trying to decipher foreign road signs, going on huge roundabouts. I did it.

Doing something so challenging for the first time requires an exhausting amount of concentration. Once you get tired or mentally bogged, you turn into oncoming traffic, or down a one way street. And unfortunately, I had planned a trip with six hours of driving! (And it took us seven hours).

But, I got to see the Raglan Castle! In wales, England. It was beautiful. I climbed stairs up towers, walked through stone tunnels, crossed a drawbridge, and Raglan Castle is officially the coolest Castle in the world because it actually has a MOAT!

We signed a couple Ragland descendent books, on the fourth of July of all days, met some very neat people, had a true English tea in a descendants large historic English home, and set off driving once again. On a journey like that, I have ten other stories that could be told, such as a wreck we came upon, a brief moment of road rage and my defensive response, the story of the English tea, our proudest moment of navigating an hour through central London, etc. My dad and I took turns driving versus navigating, and we survived the day. It really was dangerous and exhausting, but I'm proud that we still did it.

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  1. Jenny, I was scared just riding in an English taxi once with the driver on my right side. You really are talented. -Uncle Dale