Thursday, August 16, 2012

My first real hike . . .sorta.

My first real hike . . . . .sorta.

I've been home from Europe for two weeks. It feels very good. Darrin surprised me at the airport with a new car, a 1997 Suzuki X90. It's an adorable little two-seater jeep. I also came home to a new kitten :) I dunno which makes me happier.

Now, I may have found a use for my backpack since I got back. Like all packs, it was originally designed for hiking. Real hiking.  For carrying food, water, and shelter for about 3 days. So today, I went on my first excursion. The contents of my pack were: 4 beers, 2 waters, 2 tuna sandwiches, and chips, and a screwdriver. The screwdriver was a last grab from the jeep when I realized I needed a bottle opener. So, my pal Gracie and I marched into the woods and up to Sedalia's best in-town secret lookout point: Sunshine Rock. We climbed, dined, discovered some natural beauty, and took some pictures. It was all around a great time.

The hike is to be the first introductory trip hopefully followed by longer and longer hikes, with maybe a few overnighters eventually. I even imagine some wilderness survival skills being picked up along the way, is that realistic? At least it's a new adventure to get me along for a while. I'm supposed to be doing another round of beginners triathlons, but I've don't that already and now it seems so boring . . . . . . . .

What never seems to get boring though is the annual float trip which begins tomorrow, my last hoorah of summer! I may write again if I survive.