Saturday, October 6, 2012

My first show. . . . . .and a little on debt

Well last night I had my first Art Show. Actually I had two paintings in a group show, but I consider it checked off my bucket list and it was really cool. Thanks to a local artist and seemingly entrepreneur, Dustin Schmidt, ten young artists put together a collection of pieces. We were in the newspaper and had a great opening reception. Thanks to him and all the great people that came it was a success.

It has me thinking that I could paint a whole series or just paint and see what I end up making. It would be even cooler if I actually sold something and could consider it profitable and use it to whittle down my debt.

The reason it immediately goes to my mind to whittle down debt is because debt is my biggest obstacle to what I really truly want: traveling. I just want to travel. Plain and simple. It is my heart and soul and life fulfillment.

Life is great and I finally feel like everything is in it's place except for one thing: the battle between traveling and debt. Of course I make the minimum payments, but I have that nagging feeling that it should be prioritized. And I will admit there is pressure coming from Darrin. I'm not sure why though, what's the benefit of paying it off early besides I will no longer feel guilt about living life the way I want? And why does it have to be that way, guilt and burdensome? Everyone has debt . . .our country is built on it, our government is the king of it, and it doesn't go away. Why can't I just travel when I have extra money without that being a bad thing? After calculations it would take 7 years of not traveling to pay for my education, which is the bulk of my debt. It would take 1.5 years to pay off the credit card and contract fine. But my biggest question is this. . . . . .why does it need to be eradicated so quickly and what's the reward of doing so? It seems more like self punishment to rush and sacrifice for seven years without any kind of life changing end result or reward. Just sayin.

Anyway, the art show was cool. Maybe I can do my own one day. But what's really on my mind is something else . . . . . .

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  1. The reward is most importantly the amount of money you spend by prolonging your debt. The second reason is the freedom. You can't escape your debts. They will always be with you making you a slave to your debtors. I have no car loans, no student loans, no credit card balances, and my mortgage will be paid off in 7 years. The mortgage is the perfect example of money saved. I bought the house for 147,500 on a 30 year mortgage at 6.5%. If I had made the minimum payment I would have paid it off in 30 years and spent $188,128 in interest. That's on top of the $147,500 I paid for the house costing me a total of $335,628. Since I've been refinancing to lower terms I am now on a 10 year mortgage and paying extra to pay it off early in 7 years. My total interest is down from $188,128 to $12,032. That saved me $176,096!!! Your credit cards work the same way. Just do the math at how much your debt will cost you by making the minimum payment.