Friday, October 26, 2012

OMG . . . .I just planned my whole life.

OMG . . .I just planned my whole life.

I just spent two hours furthering my financial plan. Except this time, I was good enough with numbers that I didn't  stop until I had calculated my entire life. I figured up a plan to pay off my debt, my interest rate losses, the number of months for each debt portion, the age of my retirement if I stick with teaching, how long the gap is between retirement and health care, and how I pay for insurance in between, and how I pay for retirement. Yikes. I've never looked that far into my future. It kinda sucked. To actually see the end of my life makes it so much nearer. I had a feeling of, so this is it??

It's good to save and good to have a retirement plan. But now that I can see it clearly, yuck. What's the most enjoyable part of life? The 25 years of working full time and trying to live within my means? Will I be able to travel during that 25 years? Will I be able to travel when I retire? Is this how I want to spend my last portion of healthy adult life?

I listened to a great video from manvsdebt. He challenged people to decide what "freedom" means and then do whatever it takes to obtain it. For me, freedom is the ability to travel to my hearts content. My career allows me plenty of time to travel but not much money. If I refrain from debt I could potentially travel about six times per year. Hey, I think that would be good enough! Unfortunately, I do have to sacrifice the next 20 months to get out of unnecessary debt. After that, it will take about 7-9 years to pay off my college education. Should it take 7 years to pay for college? I guess so. I'm not planning to get a car loan or a mortgage, ever.

So, yeah, it's all figured out and that makes me happy and content. Thats a huge relief!Now it's time for action. I have big goals in mind and a list of things to do. I just need to step back now and decide: is this going to work and is this really what I want? This life is short and it's passing by at full speed. I'm looking at my future, at the next two decades and how much sacrifice I have to make in order to obtain "freedom," and making sure my commitments are worthwhile. When I'm old and bedridden, I want to look back on a life that makes me smile. Although I have a feeling I will just be planning, still planning what little time I have left.

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