Friday, November 23, 2012

Creativity for Couples

I'm embarking on a fresh start with my Art as well as how I share it with others. I'd like to show others the processes of creativity and how I make certain items. Right now I'm focused on Christmas Gifts but I also have a few items in mind to sell in the future. So here on my blog I will attempt to delve into more detailed posts that show others how to make fun stuff.

I know it's contagious because Darrin is bringing out his creative side too :) Over the thanksgiving holiday I spent each day in the basement studio creating pottery. It was too cold for Darrin to work in the garage so he invested in a model car to put together for winter days. Darrin has a degree in auto-body repair and is an expert in the process of sanding, masking, painting cars etc. He would much rather be working on his full size automobiles but I'm thrilled he is bringing out his own creative side. His education definitely affects how he views artwork: he expects precision, smoothness, equal values, and perfection. That's how cars need to be. My lopsided or messy or imperfect edges in what I create is always what his eye sees first. I have to tell him to not apply his car judgements to my paintings lol.

So today we went to hobby lobby and got supplies. I bought Blue paint for the Royals painting, some fabric, hemp, thread, sharpies, and Mod Podge. I have some hand sewn bags in mind, some baked sharpie art (on plates or tiles) and an idea to test out the Mod Podge over watercolor paint (a possible sealer for my painted windows). The Mod Podge could potentially smear a watercolor painting into a blur, but maybe I can apply it with the perfect touch. I'll let you know. Below is an image of my purchase. I'm happy to say I spent only half as much as Darrin.

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