Saturday, November 24, 2012

Follow me!

If you are interested at all, I would love for you to "follow by email." Every blog has that option and I just added the gadget to mine. There is a space at the top right where you enter your email and each time I post you get a copy of it in your inbox. Easy! You do need to log in to your email and confirm that you want to follow this blog.

This blog is about two and a half years old I think. I use it for different purposes; to tell stories, talk about love, life, happiness, art, travels, etc. I started it when I saw my friend Whitney blogging and I loved her blog. Since then, I have started following a large number of blogs from people I admire. Many of them are focused on traveling, debt, careers, and they are great so I will try to share those over time as well.

Anyway, the best thing about writing is receiving feedback. For that I enabled comments on blog posts so you should be able to comment anywhere at anytime. I'd love to know when you read something and have thoughts.

Peace and love

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