Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My bro is on Tv!

If you know me personally then you might know I have two brothers. They are both firefighters in Kansas City, MO and I am extremely proud of them. My family is awesome and always positive, supportive, and friendly. I know some people are not lucky to have a loving and supportive family so I never take mine for granted.

The past couple weeks my younger bro Danny has made us all proud in more than one way, but even more so he has helped inspire me to reach for my dreams. A week ago he performed with a band for his first public appearance as a drummer. We all have talents and hobbies and its great that he turned his into more than a talent. It was at the Voo Doo lounge located in a Kansas City Casino and his band did outstanding. They were the best performance of the night.

He and I are both still young adults and trying out new things, but I think there is more to it than that. He made a post on Facebook a couple weeks ago that said, "If you asked me when I was 16 what I wanted to do with my life I'd probably say be a firefighter, driving a 69 mustang, and playing the drums in a band. So by a teeanager's viewpoint I'm doin awesome!"
I know he auditioned for the band and was very nervous. He was also not the best drummer they have seen, and when he performed he was about to jump off the stage with anxiety. He hauled his persona drum set in the back of a pickup truck. But he did great and you should have seen the number of friends that came to support him.

When we first attempt something new, or something that we have always wanted but seemed unrealistic, the nerves can get the best of us. But Keep Going!

Now, Danny is going to be on Tv in less than an hour. World News with Diane Sawyer. It's not to play the drums, it's to show a video clip of him and some fireman buying Made in the USA products. He has a passion to convince everyone to buy local and support our countries businesses and he doesn't just talk, he purchases everything made in the USA himself. He also applied for the news clip and they jumped on it. I can't wait to watch, and I just have to give him credit for being inspirational. My last post talked about the people we know that are doing life right, and he is my favorite example. Love you bro and keep on living big.

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  1. Thanks Jenny! That was too sweet. My dreams now are to pay my house off and open up my All American General Store. In a decade we'll see how I do...