Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Stop Reading and Start Doing

About a year ago I started reading blogs. It started with an author of a book about travel, freedom, and their website, followed by a link to another travel writer, and another. Now I'm a follower of a whole group of young entrepreneurial travelers and writers. They are very inspiring especially on days when I feel bogged down in my career. They keep telling me that I can do anything I want to, and sometimes I believe them.

A few of their names are Chris Guillebeau, Shane Mac, Adam Baker, Ramit Sethi, and Sarah Kathleen Peck. I get periodic subscription emails from all of them, as well as a few travel writers and a couple young girls that created a fashion "versalette." You can find them by googling them and I hope to share more of their helpful blogs using actual links in the future.

After reading constantly for over a year, one theme has finally motivated me the most: Stop Reading and Start Doing. My goals and ideas took a long time to evolve and I'm finally ready to make some of them happen. The year of reading was necessary because I didn't know how or what I wanted to do, and its not set in stone but I finally want to make a go of it with art and marketing. I also know too many people that feel trapped and like they can only do one thing, or too unqualified to try and do something big. For each of those people, I also know someone that achieves something they want and it's great when I find them.

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