Saturday, December 1, 2012

Caffeine anyone?

I recently read a blog post by Steve Kamb of about the benefits of caffeine. He was talking about how helpful it can be if used in the right quantity and limited in sugar. I called bull $hi/. Life is better when we are free of any substances and high on healthy nutrition as well as adrenaline from physical fitness.

Then three days later I got a "White Christmas" white chocolate, chai tea, and coffee blend from the local coffee shop. I was feeling the Christmas spirit and planning to spend a day in the basement art studio. I was productive for a few hours then must have had a sugar crash that evening and went to bed no later than 7:30 pm.

Well today, I got hit by the Christmas coffee spirit again. This time, however, I must have found the perfect balance of caffeine and sugar because I am on an endless run of creativity! I just brainstormed no less than 10 future blog posts. I cleaned the art studio, set up piles of supplies for future art projects, wrote and wrote some more. Maybe Steve was right? This energy kick has been perfectly productive and just what I needed. Hopefully next time I kick off my art session with a jog instead of coffee though. My immune system needs the boost.

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